Thursday, January 28, 2010

We (heart) sea animals

Something I miss from home. Nightime cold medicine.  They have no idea what I am talking about when I mention that.  It all seems to be packed with uppers.  Not so fun when trying to sleep at night.

Youngest has been busy lately...I have to relate the tale.

Two days ago she came home from school quite upset because the school announced that they were planning on releasing balloons with peace messages this Friday, which is apparently peace day.  Youngest had pointed out to a teacher that releasing balloons litters the ocean environment, which we are fairly near, and kills off scores of sea animals, from turtles to whales, dolphins to birds.

She got a shrug.

She came home incensed.  We talked it over some more and decided that she should talk to her classroom teacher who subsequently said he would bring it up with the teacher's group.

That was yesterday.

Today she asked what the decision had been, and got the blow off from the first teacher again, delivered in that 'you are such a pain raining on my parade' tone of voice.

Came home at lunch ALL upset again.

Another discussion, and she decided to find, print and bring in a project, like she has to do for school, documenting the damage that balloon releases do to the marine fauna.  Incidentally, we discovered that it is actually illegal in both Florida and Virginia...and possibly elsewhere too!

She phoned up the regional Catalan Marine Rescue group and told them her story. They said that she was absolutely correct that balloons pose a serious hazard to marine animals and promised to send her some info to take into school, which they have done and they have also invited her to visit their rescue centre and see some of the animals!  COOL!

Anyway, she went into school armed with two copies of her work.  She chose not to put a photo of a dead animal on the cover.  It'd be too sad.

She was nervous of talking to her teacher again.  He kind of scares her, but she decided in the end that the animals were more important anyway.

She saw the principal on the way in after lunch and cornered her...gave her the papers and talked to her about the whole situation, she also suggested that instead of releasing the balloons, they could tie them to a tree that is in their playground with the peace messages so that all the students could be reminded of the importance of peace for much longer.

I don't know if she talked to her classroom teacher in the end, but we are pretty sure they aren't going to release the balloons in the end.

Nice going kid.  Animals saved.  A day worth getting up for.


Vancouver Isle Doug said...

WOO HOO!! What a great saga and good for her for sticking to her guns!! I would have done the same thing.
As more information comes out I just get sadder and sadder when I realize what the human race is doing to the oceans.

Anonymous said...

congrats on youngest! It takes a lot of determination and courage to go up against "the authorities" and go all the way through for something you believe in.

And yay for the fish!

Anonymous said...

GREAT!!! Congratulations - you are all fabulous role models. Keep up the good fight, youngest. GM

kate said...

Wow-- what amazing initiative she took! I am really impressed (and good for you for raising her so well!)

And they do have nighttime cold medicine-- Frenadol makes a version for nighttime, though it may have pseudoephedrine in it as well. I bet if you ask your pharmacist, they might be able to find something (or maybe you've tried that already...)

It's All Happening said...

I just found your blog off of the CanadaReads 2010 blog... saw you were in Spain, got jealous, and clicked on your blog... then read this. I don't know how old your 'youngest' is - although I'm now going to go back in your blog to read more! - but hats off to her. I just took a course at the Vancouver Aquarium last spring and saw a film called "SAVING INKY" (about a whale who was found beached and was ultimately saved after performing surgery to extract things like plastic bags/ balloons from his stomach)... maybe she could show that movie to her class too. Anyway, BRAVA. Susanna :)

Helen said...

Brilliant! Well done youngest. It takes a lot of guts to do that.

Beth said...

It takes a lot of guts to stand up like that and keep fighting for what's right. Hats off to a brave and kind girl!

hulagirlatheart said...

High five-for her guts and determination. Excellent.