Friday, January 15, 2010

Chin up

I was finding myself a little down around the corners of the mouth this evening, which seemed a waste of a Friday night, so I decided that it was (finally) the day to get some music on the iPod.....and that is pretty nice actually.  I quite like the shuffle feature.

Youngest is off at a sleep-over.  They are all the rage and I, for one, am getting a wee bit tired of them.  There's too many of them and the kids are absolutely destroyed the next day....wrecked.  There seems to be an unspoken contest over who can sleep the least.  Poor Youngest was told that if she didn't get some sleep she wouldn't be able to go to a sleep-over again, we'd pick her up late at night.

She knows we'd do it to.....

Let's hope tomorrow isn't too bad.

Keeping the chin up.




mmichele said...

My darlings told ME that they would no longer sleep anywhere else but home if they could not get some rest. Result: they no longer sleep ANYWHERE but home, or in a home-like environment. That includes us.

We lack some excitement, but we make up for it in sleep, I suppose. And we have boys, not girls.

I think that makes all the difference.

Boo and Trev said...

Sleep overs! Ironic name? When Erin was at that stage if you fell asleep first then the others would draw a moustache on you!

Beth said...

France (our corner of it, anyway) seems to have escaped the sleep-over craze. And I'm glad! It sounds dreadful...sleep deprivation on the weekends does not bode well for the school week.

Music on the ipod sounds fun!
BTW- have you checked out podcasts of "A Way With Words"? You'd LOVE it!

Lynda said...

Sleep overs..kill me now!! Same here, very big with the 8 year old german crowd. If they sleep away, they turn into witches the next day, and if they all sleep here.. then I turn into a witch the next day because I have been listening to them cackle all night.

Word Verification Today: perusnin -- If your come from Walton's Mountain, you would go down to the store and 'perusnin' ya'self some cloth to make a new frock.

hulagirlatheart said... My daughter used to be unbearable after those things. Now that she's 17, it's better. Not great, but better. She had two friends spend the night on her birthday, and I must admit I had a fabulous time sitting up with them until late playing games. I was a tad bit grumpy the next day though.

swenglishexpat said...

Should it not be called no-sleep-over? I love the shuffle feature as well, especially on long car journeys. That's when I rediscover music I had totally forgotten about!