Monday, May 10, 2010

beaches and batiks

I mentioned in the last post that after chipping plaster yesterday we went off for a brief tour of a museum, on the final day of an exhibit we had wanted to go to since it's inception.  It is always the way, no?

They had a lovely exhibit on batiks and how they are made, sent from Indonesia.

We learned about the steps necessary to make traditional batik there:   first, block out - by hand - all the areas that you want to have end up white or brown.  On both sides.  Have a wee look at the detail there.  Holy crumbs, but that would take some work.  Then you dye it blue, this takes several cycles of immersion and drying.  With natural vegetable dyes, at least five.  With synthetic, only three or so.  Then you boil it to remove the wax.  Then you re-wax it, covering - on both sides - all the areas that you want to have stay white or blue. Dye it brown. Rinse and repeat the brown dye. The blue and brown mixed make a black.  Boil it again to remove the wax and Bob's your uncle!

No trouble, huh?

Sometimes they use one of these:

for more detailed patterns and to make it easier to do, but often it is simply drawn on by hand.

I am left in awe.

Then we went to the sea.  That was excellent too.  I took a photo.  It's on the header now.
Hope you had a lovely Sunday.

Just walked in the mountains with Chuck, and it is an absolutely stunning day.  Now, I feel like I live in Spain near the Med again.  *ahhhh*




J.G. said...

Wow, the level of detail! I would never have the patience, much less the eyesight! Admiring the results and then hitting the beach is more my speed, too.

oreneta said...

JG, I have to confess, it would be some time consuming and I am not so sure I would enjoy it all that much.

The beach is also what I would prefer too.