Thursday, May 13, 2010

Catalan moments

A most delicious lunch, fresh bread, baked a block away and oh so tasty.  Beans stewed up in water with bay leaves from a tree less than a km from here and rosemary that Youngest picked in the hills followed up with swiss chard picked this morning in the village and beautiful, full of life and vibrant.  So lovely I didn't take a photo.  All topped with olive oil made by a friend's dad on his farm.

Oh goodness.

And you have to love a country where the weather forecast warns people to bring their laundry in.  Most people don't have dryers here, which occasionally is a problem, but generally works out fine.  The forecasters, knowing this, five warnings on the radio if we are going to have a mud rain.  When the weather comes up from Africa it literally rains mud, pure undiluted brown Sahara landing everywhere.  Another of these warnings arrived today, but this time the wind is from another direction and carrying black, black ash.

Gotta go haul in my laundry now.


Helen said...

Raining mud is definitely not a good thing.

J.G. said...

Sounds pretty close to perfection, if not for the mud rain. Or in your case, ash rain. Temporary, though, no doubt.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Aside from the rain that sounds pretty blissful.

oreneta said...

Helen, it is very weird the first time it happens too.

JG, it was really very very good. Ashy rain should pass.

Hula, it has it's moments.