Sunday, May 23, 2010

Who wants to be a star?

I got this comment left a few posts ago, I imagine you may not have seen it, but I just had to share:


I was doing some research online and came across your blog. I hope you don't mind me reaching out to you. I'm a casting assistant in New York for a popular show about people relocating outside North America. It's called House Hunters International and airs on the Home & Garden cable network (HGTV). We are casting people for this show right now and I was wondering if you or anyone you know would be interested in participating.

Our show tells the story of a family or couple who have purchased property outside of their native country . The purpose of the show is to demystify the process of moving and living abroad. You can learn more about our show and watch episodes here: or here:

Putting together an episode with you would be a real treat for our audience and it's a lot of fun for you too. Contributors to the show get a nice keepsake shot in HD video and also receive compensation for your time and efforts.

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more, please contact me directly at Thank you in advance for your prompt feedback on this. Have a wonderful day!

Seriously, someone wants to make a show about our lives?  


and, um, 



Beth said...

While such a production (so to speak) might be interesting and fun, I’m thinking it would just add to the stress!

mmichele said...

I presume they would want to see your face. That might be a problem though you could do it with that funky backlight thing they use to protect the identity of witnesses.

Beth said...

No?! Really? I would SO love to see a show about you!
I have to respect your restraint and dignity, though.

My mom is a HUGE fan of that show. She says it's really well done and interesting. She'll be thrilled that I know someone who was asked to be on it!

Anyway, congrats on being a kinda/sorta/potential star!

J.G. said...

I wonder if he/she noticed that you are in the middle of tearing down a chunk of your house abroad?

Of course, I'm thinking that process could use a little demystification, now and then. :-)

Anonymous said...

"sounds like they're giving you hell with the purchase and the moving, wanna make a show out of it?" :D.
Love the way they came to you, though :)

oreneta said...

Beth, I'm not at all sure how interesting or fun it would be honestly.

Mmichele, we would have to ponder about that as well.

Beth, I must say that it's cool that it has some creds and is legit, but still, I can't quite imagine it.

JG, I did wonder about that too, we don't seem to be a perfect fit.

ElP so very true, isn't it. There must be folks whose day job it is to search blogs looking for folks. Weird work.