Thursday, May 20, 2010


Bloglines has been down here in Spain for a couple of weeks so my blog following has been somewhat cramped.  MUST update the list on the side of my blog!

We have the first major-ish glitch in the house, they've had to remove the chimney as it was doing its best imitation of the leaning tower of, and there was nothing supporting it!

If you look in the photo below, the black triangle is where the chimney used to go.  The front edge of it is what the roof beams were resting on.  Those tiles are indeed clay tiles.  They are approximately 2cm thick.  They were supporting the roof.  Um.

The beam above it was the foreman's solution, without consultation with the construction head nor the architect.  I think it will impede the flow of the smoke from the fireplace, no?

Here's another view.  They were thinking that maybe they would have to put some tubes with a bend in them.  Honestly, what I know about chimneys.....but it doesn't seem like the ideal solution, especially as the tile front to the chimney moves when you touch it.    (Mom, any imput on designing so the chimney'll draw?)

I don't fancy falling into my chimney one night when I stumble.  It is fully two feet wide.  Could be nasty, no?

We have another meeting with the builder, foreman and architect tomorrow.

Should be fun!

Good thing I like this architect anyway.


Anonymous said...

just make sure it's big enough for Santa to pass through. I mean, why own a chimney in such a warm country otherwise?

Beth said...

What lies beneath! Scary, huh? May this be the only “major-ish glitch” you encounter. But what are the odds of that??

Beth said...

It doesn't look like a great solution to me, but who knows what goes on in the minds of builders? It's an unfathomable mystery.

I hope this is quickly resolved.

May the works progress!!!!

oreneta said... certainly is at this point....

Beth, really scary, no?

Beth....the minds of builders....a mystery indeed.