Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pretty pretty pretty

"She's very pretty in a tall blond Nordic way."

A line from a book, stated by a male character who loves women, many many women. (More than 200/day?)

What I find fascinating about it is the implications of the multiplicity of ways to be pretty.  I don't think women recognise or internalise this.  I believe that women have a single very narrow view of what pretty means, what men find pretty, and what they themselves aspire to.  Tall, I think generally; blond, not necessarily, but given the number of blond dye jobs in this town of brunettes, I would say generally as well.  Nordic?  Not so sure, but if we're going to rephrase that as slim/thin and long-limbed, I would say that that is generally accepted as pretty.

An Uma Thurman kind of thing, though hasn't she always kind of reminded you of a praying mantis?  She has for me.  A lot of the most famous 'pretty women have that look, no? Thin chin, skinny neck, big big eyes, the head wider at the top.

Getting back to my topic, I think that men in general, as well as individual men have a much wider range of what they view as pretty or beautiful than women do.  Some guys, like some women do have a type they prefer, but I think, somehow, women need to lighten up.

Pretty isn't just one look.  Not for the guys, and nor should it be for us.

It's only the marketers that are so narrow in their views.

Really, only them.

*Lalalalalalala I'm not listening*

But is my daughter?


Anonymous said...


Big can of worms.

Love how Europeans have a broader appreciation of pretty,,,seems to me North America (Hollywood) is vastly guilty of this...but beauty truly IS in the eye of the beholder...I totally get what you are saying tho...especially in reference to little girls...Lily even at her age sighs that she wishes she had blonde hair. EEK!

Just saw a show at the Science Museum in London where they shot Barbie out of a cannon against a wall to chants if "FLY Barbie" or "DIE Barbie"...your choice...

Quite liked that actually!!


J.G. said...

I noticed that in the Miss U.S.A. pageant photos this year (or was it Miss America?), there were hardly any blondes. Plenty of fakery elsewhere, I'm afraid, but only a few dye jobs. I think that's progress toward a varied standard, but it's awfully slow!

I like that the quote you started with kind of implies, well, you know, if you like that sort of thing (implying that not everyone would). Thought-provoking.

Beth said...

After years of observing various couples, I’ve come to the conclusion that despite the insidious market ploys, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” And the plainest looking person can be transformed into a beautiful one by virtue of their character & personality.
May your daughters always recognize their own unique and wonderful beauty.

Beth said...

I have regrets on how I spoke about myself when my daughter was little. Body issues abound...for both of us. She is a beautiful woman by anyone's standards, yet feels she is "fat",,which she is not. did she get this from me? Im afraid so.

and I've never been a Blond person...I love a Latin Man OR woman!!!! ;)


Anonymous said...

also, not necessarily tall can make pretty :).

Also, maybe where you are, the "blonde" thing is the way to go, but what about "Nordic" countries? Maybe there the short brunette would get more attention, just by "not being tall/blonde/slim in a Nordic way"...

just the looks aren't enough.

oreneta said...

Nomad, a big fat can of worms, no? Why were you in London?

JG, Well that is good news, no?

Beth, it is so true isn't it. Eye of the beholder indeed.

Beth, something I try to be careful of.....

ElP, indeed! Tall is not always pretty! I do wonder if the opposite in Nordic type places would be more interesting. Looks alone, indeed are not enough. Nicely put.

Anonymous said...

Family + Museums + 1 week = AWESOME