Saturday, May 22, 2010

Saying everything 10 times or red.

This is a given in a parent's life, you assume that you are going to spend huge swaths of your waking hours repeating yourself over and over and over.

Brush your teeth.

Brush your teeth now

Eldest!  Brush your teeth

Are you listening?  Brush your teeth.

Don't wait till I yell at you to brush your teeth!

Too late.  Now brush your teeth.

Sound familiar?

We have a similar issue with the architect and builder.  For example, the contractor brought samples for the tiles for the terrace yesterday.  The man and I decided, pretty much instantly, which one we wanted.  The architect wanted the other one (of course), we went round it again, and we decided that we still wanted the red one.  We told them that.  They asked again and again and again, we kept saying 'the red one'.  Again and again and again.

The architect urged us to spend the weekend thinking about it.  I ask you, how long do you have to spend on this?  It is a tile choice, not an ethical debate.  We want the red!

Then the builder took me up to the terrace to look at them in place after the man and the architect had to leave.  I re-reiterated that we wanted the red.  Red red red red red I said.

(Do you like green eggs and ham?  This post makes me feel faintly Dr Suess-ish.)

He wants me to call him and let him know at the beginning of next week which one we want.

In a word,





They clearly have never been paint shopping with me.  I'm in and out of faster than you can survey the tuna fish aisle, and I always like the colours I choose too.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Oh, how I could have used you when we were painting our house. And choosing tile....and countertops....

Jason, as himself said...

Oh. I hope you don't end up murdering anyone.

Anonymous said...

Maybe in Cataluna they have lots of tuna and need one week to survey the aisle...

Beth said...

Two fine example of selective hearing.
And this is why we are sometimes forced to YELL!

oreneta said...

Hula, I know what I like...doesn't mean I could pick what you is handy though.

Jason, me too!

ElP, hmmm, maybe that's it!

Beth, selective hearing indeed. I think mostly they are just worried I'll change my mind again. They'll get to know me better.

J.G. said...

Is there a reason they seem so reluctant to go with the red? More information seems necessary.

I only ask because my friends who are building a pool asked for a spa in the plans. The pool person stopped them cold by asking them if they'd ever used a spa when on vacation. Nope, not once. That was enough to make them realize a spa would be a waste of money for them.

Possibly they know something you don't about the red tile. But they should communicate that and go with your decision. Yeesh.

oreneta said...

It is possible, but I think mostly they are worried that after they lay the tile I will turn around and say that I don't like it. Ho hum.

Beth said...

That all sounds kind of insane-ish to me..
Maybe they'd calm down if you agreed to sign a paper (official and notarized, perhaps) saying that you are, of your own free will, under no duress and against professional advice, opting for the red tile? Might be worth a try..that way you won't snap, suddenly kill someone out of sheer fristration and end up in a Spanish 'carcel'!

oreneta said...

Oh sh*it I was supposed to phone him today and tell him, again, red....gotta go do that now.

Maybe if I offered him my firstborn he'd give me the red?

Anonymous said...



RunnerX said...
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oreneta said...