Friday, May 14, 2010

Comment for Fed up with School Lunches and the rest of us too.

I've been reading this blog lately and today she asked for a link to the school lunch where our kids go to school.  As mine is in Catalan, I am putting it up here and translating it.  I also thought it's pretty interesting for all of us.  What's your kid's school lunch like?

The menu from my youngest daughter's school, for the month of May.  This is in Catalonia, Spain.  The ingredients are high quality and the food is made by hand.  There are three courses, two main plates and a dessert, at minimum one will be hot, often two.  The parents pay 6€ a day for lunch and snack which is served at 5pm when the kids head home.  The lunch is closely supervised and the kids are required to eat all of their food.  

My kids say that it is quite good, and is really food, like you would get in someone's house.  The local kids say it's not so good though and that what they get at home is better.

SETMANA del 3 al 7 de MAIG: the week of the 3rd to the 7th of May

DINAR:  Lunch

DILLUNS 03  Sopa d ́estrelles star soup, this will be a broth with veg and pasta in it.
Pernilets de pollastre al forn amb ceba, pastanaga i xampinyons TARONJA chicken with ham (think prosciutto) cooked in the oven with onions, carrots and mushrooms.  An orange for desert.
DIMARTS 04 Mongeta tendra amb patata green beans with potatoes
Panga arrebossada amb tomàquet i blat de moro POMA breaded something (I strongly suspect fish) with tomatoes and corn.  Apple.

DIMECRES 05 Arròs 3 delícies  rice with three treats (I don't know what, but I suspect veg and beans)
Hamburguesa de vedella planxa i amanida veal hamburger paties, grilled with salad
PERA a pear
DIJOUS 06 Cigrons amb salsa de tomàquet chickpeans with tomato sauce
Truita de carbassó i patata potato and zuccini truita (a very thick sturdy omlette from Spain)
PLÀTAN banana
DIVENDRES 07 Espirals carbonara spiral pasta in carbonara sauce
Calamars a la romana i amanida squid breaded and fried with salad
FLAM créme brulee

BERENAR Snack, offered at 5pm when they finish school
dilluns Iogurt amb galetes  yougurt and cookies (these would be similar to digestives)
Dimarts Entrepà de formatge cheese sandwich (very good cheese on a baguette)
dimecres Pa amb xocolata chocolate sandwaches (this is very good blocks of chocolate on fresh baked baguette)
dijous Entrepà de pernil dolç ham sandwich, again on fresh baguette
di vendres Pa amb formatgets cheese sandwich, still on fresh baguette with good cheese, probably goat.

SETMANA del 10 al 14 de MAIG
Crema de carbassó cream of zucchini soup
Panga arrebossada tomàquet i pastanaga breaded (I think fish) with tomatoes and carrots
PERA Pear.
DIMARTS 11 Amanida de pasta pasta salad
Fricandó amb xampinyons stew with mushrooms
POMA apple
DIMECRES 12 Llenties estofades amb arròs lentils roasted with rice
Bunyols de bacallà amb puré de patata i carbassó cod patties, fried, with a puré of potatoes and zucchini
IOGURT  yogurt
DIJOUS 13 Ensaladilla russa  russian salad (GROSS)
Pernilets de pollastre forn amb xampinyons chicken with pernil ham cooked in the oven with mushrooms
TARONJA an orange
DIVENDRES 14 Arròs a la cubana cuban rice (with black beans)
Salsitxes de porc planxa i amanida grilled pork sausages with salad.
PRÈSSEC AMB ALMIVAR peaches in syrup

BERENAR: snack at 5pm
dilluns Entrepà de nocilla nutella sandwich on baguette
dimarts Entrepà de pernil dolç ham sandwich on baguette
dimecres Entrepà de llonganissa sausage (very good) on baguette
dijous Pa amb formatgets cheese on baguette
divendres Pa amb xocolata chocolate sandwich

SETMANA del 17 al 21 de MAIG
Mongeta tendra i patata green beans with potatoes
Escalopa vedella arrebossada amb blat de moro i pastanaga breaded veal with corn and carrots
IOGURT yogurt
DIMARTS 18 Crema de verdures cream of vegetable soup
Botifarra de pollastre a la planxa amb mongetes seques chicken sausage (a local specialty type) grilled with beans
TARONJA an orange
DIMECRES 19 Amanida de cigrons (ou, tomàquet, ceba, pebrot, all i olives) chickpea salada with eggs, tomatoes, onions, peppers, garlic and olives
Sèpia amb patates i pèsols cuttlefish with potatoes and peas (they are in season now)
PLÀTAN a banana
DIJOUS 20 Paella mar i muntanya paella with seafood, shellfish and meat
Hamburguesa de vedella a la planxa amb pastanaga i blat de moro veal patties, grilled, with carrots and corn
POMA an apple
DIVENDRES 21 Macarrons ratinats macaroni with cheese (don't think Kraft, more like noodles in a meat sauce with grated cheese on tip)
Calamars a la romana i amanida breaded fried squid with salad
PERA a pear

dilluns Entrepà de pernil dolç ham sandwich
dimarts Pa amb xocolata chocolate sandwich
dimecres Entrepà de formatge cheese on baguette
dijous Entrepà de nocilla nutella on baguette
divendres Entrepà de llonganissa  sausage on baguette

SETMANA del 24 al 28 de MAIG
DILLUNS 24 PASQUA GRANADA Holiday, no school

DIMARTS 25 Arròs al curri curried rice (very very mild)
Estofat de vedella amb patates i pèsols veal stew with potatoes and peas
POMA an apple
DIMECRES 26 Canelons de pollastre chicken cannelloni (this will be made by hand)
Gall (peix) arrebossat amb tomàquet i blat de moro breaded fish with tomatoes and corn
PERA a pear
DIJOUS 27 Espaguetis napolitana amb formatge ratllat spagetti with napolitana sauce and grated cheese
Salsitxes de porc planxa i amanida grilled pork sausages with salad
TARONJA  an orange
DIVENDRES 28 Crema de pastanaga cream of carrot soup
Pizza de tonyina (ceba, tomàquet, blat de moro) pizza with tuna, onions, tomatoes and corn
NATILLES pudding

dimarts Entrepà de pernil dolç ham sandwich
dimecres Entrepà de nocilla nutella sandwich
dijous Entrepà de llonganissa sausage sandwich
divendres Pa amb xocolata chocolate sandwich

31 de MAIG
Espirals carbonara spiral pasta in carbonara sauce
Llibrets de porc i amanida pork fillets filled with cheese and prociutto with salad
MELÓ melon
Entrepà de pernil dolç ham sandwich


Shannon said...

Possibly the only school menu I've seen so far that has food my kids & I would eat. Sounds lovely to me, I wish we could live with our kids in Europe instead of Texas.

oreneta said...

It is good, there are kid concessions to it, but it really is good. Thanks for dropping by!

J.G. said...

Gosh, this sounds fantastic. Here in the U.S. I think overall we have forgotten what real food is. Last I heard they were actually serving McDonald's meals for school lunches. Ick.

Also am intrigued by "star soup." What a lovely name!

oreneta said...

I am a little intrigued too, and now I'd like to see if I could stay for lunch one day. Don't know if it would be possible or if Youngest would find it too embarrassing for words.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

I love the idea of "real" food in the cafeteria. That sounds like an awful lot of food though. My son is such a picky eater, and he would never eat so much in one sitting so he would be really under the gun if he had to eat it all. I grew up having to clean my plate and it scarred me. It was years after I left home until I really opened up to food. It's a strange topic though. Maybe I'm just such a picky eater too which is why I find it strange!

oreneta said...

Bodhi, the big difference is that for the Spanish and the Catalans this is the big meal of the day. Everyone eats two dishes, and often dessert. If they don't eat this one it's like skipping dinner for us. Supper, the meal at the end of the day, is much more like our lunch. A sandwich bunged together in a hurry and a piece of fruit. It really does matter that they eat this meal as it is their main meal of the day. The servings, I assume, vary in size according to age.