Sunday, May 16, 2010


Wanted to update a bit.  This weekend has been a wee bit gruelling honestly.  Mountains of laundry, work in the garden, work in the house.

That photo I hung up a while ago?  Looking through to Youngest's room?  This is what it looks like now.  You can see that the new terrace is on, though not finished.  The stairwell up is the blueish square on the left.

The man and I have spent the last two weekends chipping plaster off the vaulted ceilings.  The man did the bulk of the work this weekend by FAR, and he's got the two main vaults finished!  Still more to do, but the big ones are looking good.

We also have a bit of a mystery.  Youngest planted a lettuce patch.  We have been robbed.  Really!  We put out ten plants a couple of weeks ago, and they were growing nicely.  Youngest was going down to water them every day and then the rain came back with a vengeance and we didn't go down and check on them for a few days.  When we did go yesterday there were only two left.  DISAPPEARED.  Then there was one yesterday evening and now?  Now there are none. 

Youngest says it doesn't bug her, but it's bugging me.  They are planted at the very back of the garden and not visible from the street.  Who's stealing my kid's lettuce?

Web cam recordings may be coming to a construction site near me!

On another note, Barça won the Spanish league tonight, and poor old Chuck is showing the impact of all those fireworks and horns.  Seems he is getting rather less enthusiastic about that as he gets older.

Poor puppy.   He'll be fine in TO, the Leafs never win.


Beth said...

Peter Rabbit (or a descendant of) now in Spain?
Progress on the house looks great!

oreneta said...

Senyor Rabbit and his amics have mostly been eaten, they are quite thin on the ground here, and certainly don't venture into town.....I'm thinking my neighbours myself.

Progress is always good. The man depressed me today by coming up with an alternative design that was an EXCELLENT idea, rather too late though.

Boo and Trev said...

I suspect it's slugs. I planted some marigolds once and they had been munched away the next day.

oreneta said...

The entire plants had disappeared and the ground was tamped down. Gone, zippo, zilch!

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