Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Men and women

I've been thinking on this one for a while and it emerged out of a couple of conversations.

It all started with some of the teenage boys I teach.  Funny stuff happens when you work with teens.  They are quite cool in fact.  One of the boys asked me what the English word is for a boy that cannot stop thinking about sex.

I said a teenager.

Then a while later I heard an interview with Russell Smith on CBC and he stated that he assesses/considers/ponders what it would be like to sleep with every single woman he sees.  All of them.  Seems to me this would take up a lot of your day, no?  He also seems to imply that this is pretty normal.  Not a comment I have had contradicted by many men.  One guy I know, not a teenager, said that he thinks about having sex over 200 times a day.  That'd fill up your day a bit too.

Which does leave me wondering why it is that they never notice when you've gotten your hair cut, or your wearing new clothes.

Eldest was pondering this conversation with some disbelief.  Then I mentioned that there are some boys who just loves girls, delight in their very existence.  They wakes up in the morning happy simply because girls exist.  They like their company and spends a ton of time with them.  They chat with the girls, tease them, crave their attention.  The girls often like these boys as well 'cause they're respectful and so obviously delighted to be in company with them.

These guys just like girls and have the skills to hang with them;  indeed they'd rather hang out with girls than watch football.

I suspect also that they would be well above the 200/day mark, too, eh?


Helen said...

Boys apparently think of sex every 6 minutes.

However some of the boys who like girls, chat to them , share interests etc are gay. Having a lot in common makes for easy friendship

Anonymous said...

Depending on how many women he sees during the day, I'd say it'd be pretty tiring. :)

Beth said...

I'm going to be thinking of that number at least 200 times before the day is over! Wow.

Any stats on women?

J.G. said...

For some reason, I find this statistic really depressing.

And my word verification is "lyings."

Trish said...

haha we women just don't function like that at all! makes me wonder about the men I work with though.

Beth said...

Well, that explains why human history until now has mostly sucked (wars, oppression and the like). The men have been running the planet, but as their brains are mostly full of sex, sex and more sex, they do a crappy job.
Makes sense.

oreneta said...

Helen, clearly, but some no. The man for instance simply prefers the company of women most of the time.

ElP, god yes, imagine some industries!

Beth, presumably not quite so stunning, and this was hardly a statistically significant survey, we could do one ourselves...maybe I'll put a poll up.....

JG, do you? I find myself quite mixed about it all. Lyings...perfect.

Trish, I also went through a period of wondering about all that as well. Then I got over it. I can't change it, why fuss.

Beth, got it in one.

swenglishexpat said...

The trick is not to let it show! (Did I just say that?)

oreneta said...

Swenglishexpat...Love that you said it. True isn't it.

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Interesting. 200+ times per day? Do you think that includes dream time???

oreneta said...

Doug, NO idea. None. This was, I suspect, not exactly a statistically robust study done with placebo groups and control groups, if ya know what I mean. You find it high I take it?