Monday, May 17, 2010


The Fun Theory is a website with some very cool ideas about getting people to do the right thing by making it more fun.  It's pretty cool stuff!  I particularly like this one. Sorry, it doesn't want to embed.

On another note, we've been having fun with something else.

Youngest got a game at Christmas, or her birthday, or kings, or, well, at some venue or another.  I really like it.  Fast, fun, feels good, strategic and simple:

Mancala.  Ever played?  I feel kind of silly with a specially made board when all you really need are some pebbles and few divets in the dirt, nonetheless, it is good fun.  Surprisingly strategic, and good good fun.

We could all use a little fun, no?


Beth said...

I would most certainly choose the stairs with a tune! (Actually, I use stairs anyway – must keep fit…)
Fun isn’t just for children – it’s such a great motivator for all.

J.G. said...

These people are totally onto something!

When I was studying online for my big exam, it was made much more fun by instant feedback in red (wrong answer) or green (right answer), and the list of how many right answers in a row I'd given. I kept wishing there were chips or something to win, too. That would have made it even more fun! ("I'll take Torts for $200, please, Alex.")

oreneta said...

Beth, indeed. The stairs with the music would have been a BLAST!

JG, I think so too, what great ideas they have, like the radar camera lottery entries!

Torts for $200..hehehehe, not what I'da been choosing.

Anonymous said...

Very fun indeed. I knew about Mancala under the name of awale.

oreneta said...

It's played over about two thirds of the globe and has been around for a couple of thousand years, I imagine it's got a couple of names, no???