Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tips from a ladder

After an exciting morning spent pounding plaster while listening to fantastic podcast, we headed off to a museum for a quick visit.

Before we left, I did manage one astonishing neurological feat.  I was standing on the next to last step of a ladder with one headphone in, a respirating air mask (go for the big bucks on those, what a dream!) a baseball hat (well known safety wear) eye goggles and leather work gloves.  I had a hammer in one hand and a hmmmm, what are those called?  A metal spike with a flat wedge at one end, like a chisel but without the handle in the other.

Then my phone rang!

Got the glove off, got the phone out, got it open and answered it.  Still on the ladder.   Then I put it up to the ear with the headphone in.  Some Brit chatting about books layered over my kid chatting to me.  I managed to hold the conversation (shouting throught the darth vader mask) and DIDN'T fall off the ladder!!!!!

I would have thought the two conversations piped into one ear might have done it to me, but N0!

Nothing like playing with your brain on top of a ladder.

Another tip, invaluable I know.  When chipping plaster over your head, take your bra off before you start. Astonishing the geological specimens that accumulate, and how quickly!


J.G. said...

No telling what new skills you will learn tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I'm safe here, I never wear bras. :D

Nomad said...

You wear a BRA??!?


(Just recently thinking of giving mine up for good!)

Vancouver Isle Doug said...

Thanks for the tip about the bra. That may come in handy in my old senility years, if I remember it.

LOL on the comment above mine.

swenglishexpat said...

You are one multi-tasking woman!

oreneta said...

JG, something new every single solitary day.

ElP, well good to now anyway, no?

Nomad, after years without, the old girls need a little club med support. They've worked hard, they like hanging out in the sofa, so to speak.

Doug...never know!

Swenglishexpat, I thought that was fairly exceptional, no?