Monday, June 20, 2011

Mental space

For what it is worth, I am doing better today, though rather weak and woozy.  Eating is something of a hassle, but things are improving.  On another more interesting note:

Kate and I were talking the other day at the CCCB and something that she said struck me, because I have been frustrated that I haven't been painting for quite a while, very furstrated.

And all of a sudden, it is flowing again.

Know what it is?  Exams are done, I have the mental space to create, to not feel that I have to be doing somthing else.

I have the physical space, I have the materials, I do, in many ways have the time, but I did not have the room to think about how I wanted to say what I wanted to say cause I always felt I had to be doing something else.


well, I've got a couple weeks till that dies off again.

Ah well.

Then I think this over again, and I think of all the artists who have worked and do work with more hassles and difficulties than I ever have, and wonder if I am just spoiled, or under-driven...and then I think about the cultures that produce great art and most of them are at a time and place where there is a surplus of wealth and therefore time from simply getting buy.

A kernal of truth lies in there somewhere...a typical balance of what is basically needed.

An interesting set of ideas to rumble around.


thecatalanway said...

Enjoy the space your body is giving you and I hope that the creative juices keep flowing. I am reading Women Who Run WIth Wolves and to save you having to distract yourself by reading it I want to share something that made me think of you. She says that women are very profoundly connected to cycles - life, death, summer, winter, sleep, wakefulness etc... so it is even more important that we let ourselves experience cycles of activity and rest. Everything has a season. Sometimes art flows, sometimes we are germinating. love and hope you are better soon Kate x

J.G. said...

So much easier to accept the wildly creative times than the downtimes. I always think about this when the days are short and creation/motivation wanes . . . love the light easily, harder to love the darkness. Both are necessary, but.

Speaking of which: it's hard to believe the days are going to start getting shorter again tomorrow. I'm not ready!

Nomad said...

Here is avery cool literature map re finding good books to read...

I put her in bcuz I live her, but you can change it.


swenglishexpat said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. Exams are over, that's a good start, but might it have been the Curse of Montserrat? (Only making it up. ;-)Just keep painting, that will sort it.

Helen said...

Originality needs time and space I think, sometimes the subconscious can do some of the work, but getting it from there out into the world needs attention. If you have no time to give that attention then the work won't happen. Lots of great artists have been very selfish people, or have had supporters to give them space and time. Most people don't get that time in abundance. Especially working parents!

oreneta said...

Kate, I am improving steadily, but I think I may not make our rendevous tomorrow. I didn't make the Vall de Núria monday like I wanted to, and I think I won't manage this either. I manage to go upstairs without puffing this evening, which was something of a victory....I am sad. And thank you for your words of widom about seasons.

JG! CALLAS! Don't talk about the days getting shorter! *plugging ears and humming loudly* And you are right about loving the down times being harder!!!

NOMAD! Gonna have to check THAT out! Thanks a TON!

Swenglishexpat (I have to say that is a TOUGH handle to type) painting, wish I had the energy these days! getting there though.

Helen, true. I don't want to be that selfish, happier with maybe a little more mediocrity and a little more civility and sociability.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Making art should be on your list like doing the laundry, getting the taxes paid, washing the kitchen floor, cooking supper. I should take my own advice. It is the ones who show up at their canvas that do anything. (I may really be talking to myself here). Glad to hear that grumpy virus is making it's way away. I'm not sure right now when I will be in TO this summer. I was thinking around the middle of August but my mother has just been diagnosed with breast cancer and all my previous, ahem, "plans" are in question.

oreneta said...

Bodhi, honestly, thank you for the kick in the pants. You are so right. I am also so very very sorry about your mother. I have a friend in Canada who had a breast removal yesterday and another friend here who is undergoing chemo. I am so sorry. Hang in there Bodhi, grab some moments in the sunshine with Riley and on your own to breathe. *sigh*


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Yep, gonna do that. AND gonna try to show up at my canvas/sketch book regularly. I need to. I no longer care if what I do is beautiful or "post-able". It is me. Warts and all. I assume you will keep posting whilst you are in Canada and we can hopefully hook up in August in person. What fun to thing of that!

oreneta said...

That was the idea with the canvas a day, let it all hang out and get in there every single day. Even if it was crap, it got posted. I'm not sure what I'll do in Canada when it gets crazy busy, even the canvas a day material grew pathetic. I'll have to see. Maybe a sketch a day???? If you make it to TO in Aug I'd be delighted to meet up!