Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Sometimes I wonder about myself.

I work hard in the summer.  I have a job when I am in Toronto, and it is pretty involved, more so this year as we are doing a complete curriculum redesign, which I am delighted with as my boredom meter was creeping up.

I have also worked really hard with the Catalan this year, and whether I pass this stupid test or not on Saturday, I know I have improved a lot, and I was discouraged to be getting my level up to the best it has ever been just before leaving for nearly 3 months.


I decided to enroll in an online course (this is where I start to wonder about myself).  UOC, which is like the Open University in the UK offers summer courses too, and I thought that it would force me to continue to read and write in Catalan.  You see, every summer I bring a novel or two with the intention of keeping up my Catalan, but ya know what?  With the entire Toronto Public Library on hand, I just don't do it.

This however?  Should do the trick.

What to study is the question.  I looked at Judiacial language in Catalan.  UM, naw.

I looked at web design.  Interesting, but ....mmmmm......pass.

I looked at ancient Egyptian funerary practices, and passed.

I considered Translating into Catalan from English (now there's a course that would be DIFFICULT for me)

I just wanted something fun, and light and enjoyable.

Know what I'm going to be studying this summer?

Itadakimasu, food and culture in Japan!  IN CATALAN!

Weird world, no?

Should be light anyway, no?  I hope it is, and doesn't take itself toooooo seriously!!!!!

It'll be a change anyway and a good excuse to go for sushi.  The real reason to take the course!!!!!



Trish said...

Well that one sounds like the best one of the bunch anyway - and, yeah, there's always the sushi to think about ;)

But, man, some of those other subjects? Quirky.

Anonymous said...

sounds... Convoluted. But I wish you lots of fun with that course, it should be interesting :)

J.G. said...

Yeah, and you can always eat the homework . . .

Seriously, I think you made the right choice. It's weird that they teach such heavy stuff during the summer. Maybe they figure students are only taking one class, so might as well load up?

Helen said...

What a wierd collection of courses.

oreneta said...

Trish, I guess there is a demand for it. There are Spanish speakers going to university that have to know the Catalan vocab for legal stuff, so that may have a good reason, I guess the other stuff has partially to do with which profs are around and feel like doing something alongside what sells.

I like the Japanese food and culture myself, I can go for that.

ElP, it is a little weird, but I wanted something with different vocab and that would challenge me, but not something that mattered AT ALL.

JG, heheheheh, eating the homework rather than letting the dog do it! I may have to go on a sushi crawl!

Helen, yeah, odd for sure.

Nomad said...

Indeed the whole wondering about ourselves thing...

as I line up books of Philosophy for summer reading...


*** must be why we are friends!!!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Tooo funny! How you throw yet another culture/language into the pot. Well, with the intricacies of Catalan - why not?!!!

I am hoping to be in the greater TO area mid August. I am hoping to, at that time, to meet up with Beth and Sherry. Maybe you too?

oreneta said...

Nomad, that is certainly part of it, I ADORE you're curiosity.

Bodhi, YES!!!!!!!!!DEFINITELY!!!!