Monday, June 6, 2011


I didn't pass the theoretical for the driving test, feeling fairly crappy about it honestly, all to do again.

Maybe I'll just fake being French and switch it over there....


On a brighter note, a friend of mind got her results back and she DOESN'T have breast cancer and that is a very good thing indeed.

We also have youngest registered for school next year, and eldest...this is an impressive paperchase here.

The Spanish taxes are also finished and paid for.

Wish I'd passed that d*mned test though.


kate said...

Bummer on the test, and those lame-o questions. Sorry. When do you get to try again? Glad about the other stuff, though!

PicklePits said...

Can you elaborate on the school enrollement process? What did it entail? It's #2 on my to-do list upon arrival. #1 is health cards.


PicklePits said...

enrollment - no spell check, pardon me!

Anonymous said...

sorry to hear about the test. Do you at least get more details, with which questions you failed, and their correct answers?

Nomad said...

That s*cks.

(after getting edited out for sayin' the word H*T I'm not taking any chances!!)

That is too bad, I am sorry, no appeals or anything, well if it is anything like here, that would be worse than the actual test...


thecatalanway said...

Really sorry! You're just too logical and clever for such an idiot test. I'm sure the best people fail it.
Thank goodness I don't have to do it!
See you soon I hope K xx

Helen said...

Commiserations! That really sucks

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Ugh. That blows. From the questions you posted, it seemed a bit like the test was written by the Wizard of Oz. Like, On a rainy Sunday, in a month with an "R" in it, when the moon is waxing and not waning....

My hat is off to you nevertheless. Soldier on, try again and when you DO pass the test, it will be worth celebrating with a vermut!

oreneta said...

Kate: I have the nivell B exam on Sat, so I am just waiting at this point, I will probably make the apt early next week for just before we go. It is a bummer. Ho hum.

Pickle, school enrollments above. Health's been a while, but go with all the papers, and photocopies to the cap. I couldn't get one at all for the longest time, and then I got two?!?!? The kids were easier as my husband had a DNI and they were his. Get the empadronament FIRST! They day you sign the lease if you can, you need if for everything. And your NIE if you are eligible. That's with the National Police. Empadronament, lease and passports, DNI, llibre de familia, drag it all in again.

ElP, nope, no news about what I did wrong, just the fail/no fail.

Nomad, how did you change your licenses? I am seriously considering using my sister's address and switching my Canadian for a French and then switching again for a Spanish. Hassle, but maybe less than the test. What papers do you need?

Kate, I am sooooo glad you don't have to. The UK is convalidated? Despite the change on the side of the road? WOW!

Helen, sucks hard.

Bodhi, and blows!!!! Indeed. celebrations when I pass the thing would definitely be in order.

Love English!!!!

swenglishexpat said...

Just keep at it. You'll get there in the end. Last time I was in BCN (the year before the Olympic Games!) I had the impression quite a number of drivers could do well re-taking there licence, if they ever had one in the first place. They must have made it more difficult these days. Good luck!

swenglishexpat said...

Correction - it should of course be "their licences". Sorry 'bout that. Did I get it right this time?

oreneta said...

Spain has the second worst driving record in Europe, only Portugal is worse, and if you've ever been to Italy, this says something for you.

I assume they've made it more difficult, but there are still teens on the road on small morotcycles that have NEVER been to a class or read a book. Mind boggling.