Thursday, June 23, 2011

Went on a long long walk with Chuck today.

THAT was a delight.

He did manage, during a five hour walk in the mountains, to take the only dump of the entire walk right next to a park ranger type guy and his truck.  I had to pick that one up, and we were still 45 minutes out.  NICE WORK DOG!

It was a hot day and we were walking in the middle of it all, so on the uphill sections we both got kinda toasty.  The hills here are filled with natural springs if you know where to look for them, and I do when I am on the turf closer to home.  So when we got to this one, I thought Chuck would have a drink.  He had another plan.

Yup, not the approach I would take, he lay down in the stream flowing out of it.  That water is COOOOOLD!!!!

I contented myself with a drink and wetting my hair.  I know, I should learn to live big, but what the heck.

Lovely day.  We're off to dinner with friends for the evening, it is San Joan today, so lots and lots of fireworks.  Chuck's gonna have a rough evening on his own.  We'll close it all up tight and he'll get by.

Bon revetlla tothom!!!


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Dogs do know how to live and how to embarrass their owners by dropping their loads at/on places where there is the only other living human near by. Mine specializes is taking her dump on lawns ONLY where there are people sitting outside. Thank heavens I travel with the Costco size pack of pooper-picker-uppers. Although once I was called on my lack of picking up skills when she was loose (I mean, just how does one pick that up anyway? Pass me the hose, I say. But I've digressed...).

oreneta said...

They certainly do, don't they Bodhi! RIGHT beside the guy.....and there's nothing you can do with a loose one, make an effort and all, but.....