Friday, June 24, 2011

Newbie question

Ok folks, anyone out there know how this works?  I'd like to do a couple of 5K runs this summer, my schedule is hellish, so that is limiting, but almost all the runs I can find on line are for charity, which is great, but ya know?  I don't really want to go out there knocking on doors to raise money.  I know that sounds horrid, but I don't.  Especially if I'm going to do two or three different ones.

Do you HAVE to raise money to go in these things?  Doesn't your enrty fee cover some of this?  Where can I find runs that are just runs, but not SUPER serious????


I have, on the fundraising side, found this cool site which hooks up athletes (THERE's a generous term) and sponsors.  If you go here on Fatty's blog (he IS an amazing fund raiser!!!!) he'll tell you ALL about it.  I am part of team fatty at this point and we've raised quite a bit of money so far just by registering our regular work outs.  Free for us, and I know, sounds like a free lunch, but you don't have to give them any financial info and no spam increases have been noticed by yours truly here.

See, I'm not all evil, I just want to go for a couple of 5Ks as a goal, and not have to schlep around for funding.

Any ideas?


Anonymous said...

I used to enter running races - a long while ago - and you certainly didn't have to do them for charity then. I can't believe that it's the case now either. Have you had a look at the Running World website... if that's what it's called... as they may list races.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how I can help you there. For the CN Tower Climbs that I did, I got the $50 from fundraising alone for the first time, but almost paid it full myself for the second time. Several reasons to it: I always feel bad asking other people for money, even for a good cause. Nor do I like to advertise myself so much (yes, I have a blog. I know, that's mostly inconsistent with the sentence above :p). So in the end, I felt better paying my fee, and instead *encouraging* other people to join and participate. I found it more acceptable for myself if the fundraising comes from making other people participate in the charity event...

oreneta said...

Jan, thanks for chiming in...I'll have a look at the site. The one I've been looking at hasn't been terribly clear about the issue. Ho hum.

ElP! Thought you might know something, and that is pretty much EXACTLY how it feels. I don't want other folks to feel they have to pay.....I don't like asking and I just want to go out and do the run. If the entry fee helps out all the better!!! But obligation to raise funds, no thanks.

Hula Girl at Heart said...

In the US, most local 5k's are for charity but you do not have to raise money to participate. Your entry fee is the way they raise the funds. You simply show up at the registration time, pay your entry fee and line up at the starting line.

You go, girl!

oreneta said...

THANKS Hula, that helps a bunch.