Friday, June 3, 2011

OK; what really happened.

Bottom line?  I have no idea if I passed.  I could have, or I could easily have failed, find out more tomorrow.

Got off fairly well, till we were part way into BCN when the bus broke down on the highway.  Good thing I left lots of time to spare.  Fortunately, another bus came along almost immediately and we transfered to that bus, walking down the middle lane of the highway to do so!  This bears on the story later.

Got in, went in to do the test, I was stunned to be the only one there without Spanish citizenship.  Bitterness meter about the hassles with the kids papers hits the red, and is then ignored.

Test:  done on computer, IN CATALAN!  That part I cannot claim as being a factor if I fail, my level was easily high enough and I didn't have to think about langauge at all....YEAH!

There were a few questions I am not sure about, still.  Can you walk on an autopista?  No, never.  Yes or Yes in extreme emergency to get help.  Hmmmm:  I was trotting down a highway that morning!  I clicked no, and when I looked in the book it was in agreement with me in one place, but in another you can walk to an SOS phone, and one is obliged (?!?!?!?) to walk down the highway to put out little warning signs that you are there.  You can assume that if the car I'm in ever breaks down I will NOT be trotting down the highway with a little orange triangle on a stand.  I'll have every freaking light going and flashing and having a little chat on my cell getting help thankyouverymuch.

Was the answer right though?

Do passengers on a quad have to wear a helment?  Yes, no, only if they are under 14.  I clicked yes.  Can't find the answer in my book.

Do motorcycles need to have and show headlights at all hours.  I am not sure this licence allows me to drive motorcycles, but this is Spain and it might.  I guessed yes.  They all seem to have them on all the time, but just a sec.  Isn't that automatic with the ignition, as in I don't need to think about that the manufacturer did it for me?

Whatever.  I find out tomorrow.

Now to study Catalan for Saturday.  Such a relief to study something I will use more.


Anonymous said...

for the highway stuff, it's tricky. Mostly because I think now, in case of an accident, you're supposed to wear those yellow/orange reflective vests prior to getting out of the car to put the triangle. which kinda says that you're allowed to walk, but only to be able to signal the accident as an emergency procedure. If you were not allowed, what would be the point of the mandatory vest? Also, until cars have a "triangle firing mechanism" that can throw the triangle in place right from the back of the car, someone's gonna have to go out of the car at some point.

oreneta said...

Yeah, I suspect that one is wrong, but the wording is also that it is to go and get help, and they could mark you wrong cause you aren't allowed to do that, if they said, yes but only to lay out the little cone thing while wearing your manufacture approved little stupid life saving bulletproof magical vest, that would be another.....and it would have been an easy go! Ahhhhh.

Fortunately I am supposed to find out soon.