Saturday, July 16, 2011

Anecdotal evidence

We have anecdotal evidence that if a dog eats a shed snake skin, it leaves him rather ill.

We have definitive evidence that an ill dog makes it difficult to put into action many of the plans that the dog's family had for the weekend, specifically going to Ottawa for a wedding.

We also have definitive evidence that it doesn't seem to make the dog ill for very long (12 hours or so) but leaves him lethargic thereafter.

We also have definitive evidence that it doesn't impact on his willingness the next morning should he see a particularly attractive female dog the next morning!

Good times all around.


Life with Kaishon said...

I am glad your dog recovered so quickly : )

Anonymous said...

I hope you managed to get to the wedding in the end. attractive individuals of the opposite sex are a known remedy to any illness, I think :)

thecatalanway said...

No time to write last night when I first read this but I loved it. Pep said 'didn't they go to the wedding? Take the dog with them?' Sigh!
Hope Chuck is better. I'm sure the sight of a pretty female bucked him up no end. It was cool here this evening - strange feeling of chilly air on my arms. But it's so lovely to have a break from the heat. K x

oreneta said...

Thanks LWK, he's doing fine now....

ElP, nope. In Ottawa and too far to go on little sleep with an ill dog left behind,

Kate, Couldn't take the dog, not allowed on the site. Sigh, and it was an 8 hour drive, with a barfing dog with diarrea? No thank you!!! It was hotter here than there today, according to the news, which seemed odd.