Saturday, July 30, 2011

Auto correct fail!

The girls are off to a cottage for a couple of weeks, they're driving out with the dad and his kid, the folks we stay with every year.  Good friends.

It's a long drive, so the dad sent me a message to let me know how they were doing.

"We're in orgies"


One would hope not, especially while they're driving!


J.G. said...

Okay, I'm stumped. What was it supposed to say?

Tya said...

XD greattttt LOL

Anonymous said...

Isn't the autocorrect supposed to suggest words often used by the sender? I'd say it's suspicious to say the least. How good friends are you? :D

oreneta said...

They meant to say, 'We're in Ottawa'....and ElP, I once had mind put in bra instead of red. Have to confess, I don't text about bras all that often, so I'm not toooooo worried. Confused my daughter some when I sent her that message.

Anonymous said...

Ottawa being replaced by Orgies, though... Something's not quite right there :D