Thursday, July 14, 2011

System based on trust

Something to love about Canada.  Honestly.

Had to renew my driver's license.  Aside from the hassle of street addresses for strip malls - impossible - it was pretty darned good.  There was a line, but there were 6 wickets open, so it went fast (and I had a book).  While waiting I debated mentioning my address change, we've sold the house and our mail is sent to a friends.

I considered not mentioning it at all as they would want proof of the new address etc etc etc, and I didn't have any.  I got up to the desk, handed over my papers, she asked if it was the right address and I held my breath then said that no, we were moving but I didn't have any papers to say it was my address.

NO problem, just tell me the address and we're good to go.  That was it!

I even brought my passport cause I couldn't come with NOTHING, she looked at me like I was C.R.A.Z.Y!

Take that Spain.




kate said...

Hear, hear!

(I'm still enjoying that word... wicket. Does that have something to do with cricket? Sticky wicket? Hmmm.)

Oh, sort of apropos, someone sent me this link you might find interesting...

Anonymous said...

It's just that they don't care if you know that they have you on file and know everything about you already. In Ontario's SIN-centric systems, it's all in the computer :). As long as you're in the system...

Miss Kim said...

Haha! Now that we're settling back in Canada we have a new motto- "The less info- the better"... always say less until more is requested!

Boo and Trev said...

How very civilized! You can't get a library card here without some proof of identity. Long may it last

swenglishexpat said...

How very civilised! (As in the ad for Swissair about 20 yrs ago)

J.G. said...

Lucky you! To renew my license I had to show my birth certificate and two proofs of where I live. (Hello, Homeland Security? Ur doin it wrong.)

thecatalanway said...

Great story and all who live here agree with your feeling! But I also like the comment that over there and in the UK and the USA they already are watching you so no need to bother with the pretense of papers and proof! Me too - wickets open - cricket? Great word for those little hatches I suppose. And here in Catalunya there are never more than two wickets and six people just chatting at the desk. K xx

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Lucky wicket girl! I don't know what the beaurocracy is like in Spain, it is horrendous here in Quebec though. Good thing you were renewing in Ontario. As for the snake skin - eeeewww. I can only imagine what it had slithered through and what might be stuck in Chuck's digestive tracts. Sorry you missed the wedding. And we barely missed each other - I will be in Ottawa this Wednesday. Nothing like the old bees and the birds to get things, er..., up and moving.

oreneta said...

Kate, that was neat, that article and more balanced than many similar ones I've read.

ElP, I will admit that being in the system makes a difference. That said, they are not allowed to ask my SIN number and didn't. There are strict rules about who can and cannot have that number and it is basically only your employer and the tax man. The govt actually advises that you don't carry your card with you as it may get stolen! A purely financial number, at least in theory. I was more impressed that I didn't need any other documents, she shrugged off my passport and I had no document to prove the address. Unimaginable in Spain, and after 5 years there, frankly, I'm in the system there too.

Kim, lovely isn't it.

Boo and Trev, we need to provide a bill with our name and address on it for the library card. I can't remember getting a new one, always had one, so you may need some kind of ID, but not for my kids anyway, just told them their names. Long may it last indeed.

Swenglish, I think so too!

JG, the US does seem to be wading into a level of bureaucracy never before experienced. Putting me off visiting frankly.

Kate, you don't use wickets? I thought it came from the UK, maybe it's a US word...gonna have to look that one up.

Bodhi, that's interesting....bureaucracy is worse in Quebec? I have to admit, I have dealt with little though I have had to get my birth certificate a couple of times and that was also super easy......Ottawa huh? Bees and birds???? gonna let us know a little more about that?