Saturday, July 9, 2011

Further to that Catalan class....

OK, further weirdness, the majority of the reading list for the course, these are recommended readings, but whatever, 8 of the 10 books, are in English.

I actually have an advantage over the majority of the students.  Not only can I manage the Catalan, struggle through all the Spanish, mostly, but I can actually read the readings.

Does this not seem really really weird in a course that is not graduate level?????


Anonymous said...

I agree, it's definitely unfair that the courses are not in Mandarin (Google translated from Japanese)... At least it would be fair to pretty much everyone :D

Anonymous said...

Are there books available on this topic in Catalan as well as English?
That's the explanation I get when I complain about the same kind of problem here. GM

thecatalanway said...

This must all be so disappointing! Look forward to hearing what happens next - you are a force to be reckoned with so I am sure you can get some things changed for the better! Strength to your arm and your growl! K x

oreneta said...

ElP!!! YESYES YES YES YES, that IS the solution! HEhehehehehehe

GM, NO! Most of them are only in English, though there are some in Catalan...weird eh?

Kate, it is and I am a bit demotivated as a result, I am behind on the work....waste of money if I don't get this sorted out and get off my butt with it.