Sunday, July 31, 2011

Betty's gone

Betty's gone and we're not sad.

We've been dragging Betty's sorry and very heavy carcass around with us for YEARS and it was time to lighten up!

Little work with a backhoe and we were all done.

See, Betty?  She was the diesel engine in our boat.  She never really worked.  We left TO for the Bahamas under sail cause she wasn't working, we fixed her, she broke again, we fixed her again, she broke again, we lost faith in Oswego New York, just before entering the canal systems, and got Suzi.  Suzi Ki.

Suzi Ki is a dream.  A mid-eighties 6 hp outboard that pushed us from Oswego all the way down past Miami in Fl and then across to the Bahamas, I'm not sure how often.  Still going, though she's a little slow to wake up when we launch.

Gonna go some faster this year I'm thinking.

Tip of the hat to the man who did all the work, and the guys from the boat yard with their backhoe.

Betty's history.


elpadawan said...

I think Betty needs to be recycled into an art piece.

oreneta said...

Too late and too heavy!

J.G. said...

Congrats! Suzi sounds much more your speed.