Saturday, July 2, 2011

The Toronto Public Library


My only problem is I'm starting all the books at once!

Ohhh, and we went for pho.  I LOVE pho......

Then bubble tea for the kids (and me)

Walks in the park

Bike rides


Dinner outside.

Gotta love a weekend.  and the TPL.


Anonymous said...

don't put pho stains on the books you borrowed at the library, though. You'd be easily traceable... :)

Miss Kim said...

You're in Toronto! I'm in Toronto!

thecatalanway said...

goodness you are speaking yet another language! What is PHO?

glad you are having a good time and warm weather and a great weekend. K x

oreneta said...

Yeah, they probably would know it's TO has a list of the best Pho places in TO, I may have to check some of the others out too....though I feel faintly traiterous.

Kim, Oooooh, I think we should get together for coffee, what do you think???

Kate, sorry...Pho, a cornerstone of Vietnamese cooking, an unbeleivably delicious broth with all sorts of noodles and meat and fixings in it. OMG! Bubble tea is a cold fruity drink with large black tapioca pearls in it and is very very good. TPL = Toronto Public Library. Sorry about all that. My Toronto dialect gets some air time.

Miss Kim said...

time next week for a coffee??? oh please say yes :) you can email me at