Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bad dog!

I took his Chuckiness out early early early yesterday morning as the heat has been fierce.  We went to our local park and I was tossing pine cones for him to chase. Unusually, there was a young man with a series of soccer balls (6 or 7) practicing shots on the nets that are up in the park.  As we got closer Chuck went over to pee on the goal posts as he does every. single. day, and as do all the other dogs every. single. day.  The guy stopped kicking the balls at the net.  He wasn't very good and they weren't going very hard or far (and mostly wild) so I shouted down that he could keep going and not to worry about the dog.  "No, " he said, I don't want the dog to bite my balls."


"I don't think he's interested, ya know?"  I called back.

Hmmmm, did he get his own joke?

Anyway, Chuck came trotting back towards me and glanced over behind the net where the guy had dropped his bike and bag, then he looked again and started hollering NOoooooooooOOOO!!!!

Yup, the Chuckster went over and dropped a load on his bag.


Fortunately as he was being bellowed at and I was running down as fast as I could he only got out a nugget or two....and to cap it all, I only had a bit of newspaper to pick it us as I'd fogotten a bag, and the grass was long.  Did I get it all?

I was embarrassed enough I just walked away without looking at the guy.  Fortunately I got far enough away he couldn't hear me before I started laughing.

Good thing he'd gotten over his stomach bug, no?  That's my dog, he won't bite your balls but he might sh*t on your bag!

Oh, and the soccer guy?  He didn't come back this morning.


thecatalanway said...

That made me laugh. Good for you chuckiness! (But I have a feeling that only doggy people will see the funny side...) What is someone doing out at that time of the morning kicking balls? Don't they know it is dog time? K x

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, maybe Chuck understood what the guy was saying, and decided to "do something so that the guy didn't worry for no reason" :D

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

O. NO. Ha! Ha! Ha! He might have been better off if Chuck had bitten his balls. They are saying 37 here today - but probably nothing for you as you are used to living in heat.

The Bodhi Chicklet said...

P.S. I'll let you know more about my August plans as they materialize. Right now I am planning on landing in Newmarket in the afternoon of the 11th.

Boo and Trev said...

That is hilarious. What with that story and Kate complaining of walking Saffy in the rain I am reminded of why we haven't replaced Gromit

J.G. said...

Who knew Chuck was such a comedian?!

I feel sorry for the guy, but what a great story he has to tell his soccer buddies.

oreneta said...

Kate, in fairness to the guy, we've been hitting 35 degrees most days, today 38, he probably wanted to come out before it got too hot. It was funny though, in a horrifying way.

ElP, it does make me wonder, he was pretty out of character with that.....

Bodhi, sounds doable!!! The heat is wicked, though it is in the low 20s in BCN right now!

Boo and Trev, there is a work element to the whole thing....though most of it is nice.

JG...I feel bad for him too...the horror. I do feel inclined to laugh though as well.

swenglishexpat said...

Oh dear me! One of those moments when you wished somebody had filmed it. :-)