Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tate Britian

The Tate Britian has an exhibit of watercolour work on that I am missing and it is making me ache.  They are making a series of videos to accompany the show and they look fascinating.

I say look fascinating cause they won't let me watch them at all in Spain, and here in Canada they are incredibly hiccup-y....they jump forwards and back, repeat and loop...

very very frustrating.

Chances are the Tate isn't listening, but if you are?  Please, some of us outside the UK would like to see a bit too.


Anonymous said...

Have you tried sending them an email directly? You never know ;)

thecatalanway said...

that is so annoying when some things are blocked. Why can't you see it in canada? Is it the speed of the connection? so glad you are keeping up with the blog while away - good to know some of what you are up to. K x

oreneta said...

No, ElP, I haven't. You make good point though. I should give it a go.

K, I have high speed, it is weird and jumpy, like a record that is skipping in big chunks. Glad you're still blogging too!