Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Canada, I am humiliated


I am embarrassed to say I am Canadian.

Really?  Walking out of the Kyoto accord?

Please, Quebec?  Leave Canada.  Now.  I was born there, I could get a passport, OK.  I'll relearn French.  NO PROBLEM.

OK?  Is it a deal?  I'm with ya.



Anonymous said...

I've read about those news. It really sucks, and made me pretty sad, even though I'm not Canadian myself...

J.G. said...

I'm with you. Spending 20 years getting ready to do something is a particularly horrid form of denial.

Mother Theresa said...

Yeah, that does suck, but I am even more disappointed in the U.S, which has never even ratified it to begin with. I'm just wondering if they'll realize what a huge mistake they're making before it's too late.

Beth said...

I’m struggling to comprehend this move – reading whatever I can.


Helen said...

I'm being resolutely Welsh and not English with Cameron being a total twerp in Europe