Saturday, December 24, 2011

well this was calmer


There were Pavos and Pavitos, turkeys and little turkeys...and we scored the last turkey there.....YEAAAAH!

We went for lunch in town, a most unpromising looking bar, but it was OK in fact and the food was fine.  Fairly typical fair honestly.  We took a walk around the town and I wondered why I hadn't brought my camera.  Still not sure why I managed to do that, but there it is.

Got back to the house and took Chuck for a walk alongside the local dog, Luna, who lives chained outside, but who loves a good walk.  She doesn't have Chuck's stamina though, Eldest tried to get her to run with her and ended up dragging her along the road as opposed to being dragged herself.  Chuck, once you get him going, is not too sympathetic to our slower pace.

Some wrapping, some reading, some napping and things are looking pretty good indeed!

Happy Christmas eve to you all!



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you (in here, celebrations are more on the 24th ;) )

oreneta said...

Today, the 24th is the big day for us as well. For the Spanish today is just a day to get together and eat a lot of food. Not all that bad a thing in and of itself....the big day for them is the 6th....Dia del Reis.