Friday, December 30, 2011

Kites? I know the perfect place

We headed off to San Sebastian today.....the perfect place to fly a kite on a blustery day.  We were lucky, the tide was way out, the wind was onshore,

and the kite was brilliant, it just popped up and stayed up there, like walking a dog, but it doesn't want to stop and sniff anything.

Youngest was gleeful.

So now you know.....

There were SWIMMERS!!!! BRRRrrrrr!!!!!!

Down in one corner of the beach, where the mountains have stood on end, 

are these sculptures by Chillida was recommended by a friend and is great, though it is hard to look truly monumental in the setting, with the Atlantic pounding in on the cliffs.  Sadly his museum is closed due to the current economic climate, but......these we could see.

And now you can get a glimpse too!

Hope you're having a great one.


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