Sunday, December 25, 2011

Happy present day

if that's what you're up to!  We are.

Here's a few photos from the day.  I have to say that where we are is exquisite.  Tomorrow I am hoping to push up high enough to get into the woods......

Here's a few photos.  I was stupid enough to forget my battery charger for the camera (duuuuh) so I'll be searching for new ones in Bilboa!

Below is Chuck opening his present, he's a most enthusiastic present opener!

Especially when he present is cheese!

There's no shortage of water here.....rivers and streams EVERYWHERE!

The dog in the house we are staying in, Luna.  She doesn't get walked much normally, so she's having a pretty gleeful time with us, in fact is pretty wildly excited the entire time we're walking.

Lovely bit of countryside around here.

Some more.  Looks almost Swiss to me.


They're all wearing bells too, I'll take a recording of it for tomorrow.

I am DYING to go hiking up into those woods.

All those white dots are sheep....lots and lots and lots of sheep!

And long views....

Then there's some donkeys....burros in Catalan, no idea in astoa!

And ponies and horses....

As Eldest put it, a vacation just by being here!

Hope your day s turning out well!  Ours certainly is.



kate said...


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Today was spent resting from yesterday, mostly :p. So pretty good day too

thecatalanway said...

Happy christmas to you! Sounds so lovely. One day you must see BLue opening presents - she too is an expert and I have a video to prove it! Wish i could say I have had such a nice day as you but I live with Sr Scrouge and this is the third christmas with a mal humor in the house. Next year - I'll do it different. Trip to Basque country sounds idyllic. Lots of love K xx

J.G. said...

Oooh, you are having a lovely time, I can just tell. Enjoy!