Thursday, December 1, 2011

Got a book I want to read

A new-to-me Oliver Sacks, The Island of the Colour Blind.

Take me away Oliver!  Looking forward to a ride...enthusiasm, fascination, amazement and awe, all in one papery bundle.

Oh, and this is pretty cool too...about words with no etymology.  Neat concept.  Wonder if they feel alien or orphaned?  Or maybe something shinier and brighter than either of those options.  Unique and astonishing.


J.G. said...

Those are some punchy words. I wonder if that has something to do with their popularity? They communicate a lot with only a few letters, so it's no wonder they caught on. Cool!

Anonymous said...

If they have no apparent etimology, it means they are their own, right? I mean, one can say "this word comes from the greek word xyz" but what's the etymology of word "xyz" in greek, and so on, and so on... Conclusion: there's an etymological convergence of all words towards "bwaaaaaaaah" and "oook?" :D

Beth said...

I checked out that site - and bookmarked it. Love its name - TYWKIWDBI. How true!

Nomad said...

Hello....miss you!

YOou HAVE to read Memories of a Chemical Boyhood...if you have not already...SO interesting.

Hope u r well.. H