Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Should have written this post BEFORE I took the night time cold medicine

Everything is sloooowing down and getting very heavy.

Hopefully this is the last night I will need to take it.  urgh.

I had a brilliant post in mind, but it has faded away on me.

It is amazing how little you can get done in a day when you're on vacation, wonderful isn't it!  Though I actually did work this morning, it seems like a different day.  Helps the two hour nap I had.....kind of divides it all up.

The girls are gunning for mushrooms, they want me to buy them so they can roast them over the fire tomorrow night.  Hard to say no to that, isn't it!

As it is an official statutory holiday here again...(another on Thursday)...it was hunting day again so no walks in the hills for his Chuckiness who keeps looking at me accusingly.

I really have to post in the morning these days.  This post maybe could be called stream of consciousness, but it's really more like a trickle.

More later. (tomorrow)

Hope you had a good one,



J.G. said...

Never say no to roasted mushrooms. That's my new motto.

Hope you got a good night's sleep, at least.

Beth said...

Even if it's just a "trickle" it's always good to read about what you've been up to.
(Cold meds knock me right out...)

oreneta said...

JG, the kids toast them over the fire! Gotta give that a go myself. Slept very well, the sleep of the drugged.

Beth, you are so kind...I was rather alarmed when I reread the post in the morning. Trickle is generous!