Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Next day of the staycation!

Another cultural day today after a very very slow and relaxed start to the morning.

Just about perfect that way!

There is a HUGE Miró exhibit in BCN right now, it has been to the Tate in London and I was jealous that it was there, and then discovered that it has traveled here!  YEAH!

I really adore Miró's work, though the bulk of this had to do with his more surrealist period which is not my favourite aspect of the entire body.  His later huge works with very very simple lines and shapes on them do more for me, though it was fascinating to discover that he really liked the work of the American Expressionists...and it was interesting looking at his work from that perspective.

He was also an ardent Catalan nationalist, and much of his work is political in nature.  Loved it.

We went to the Miró museum, who have quite sensibly made the cost of an annual membership the same as a singe adult entry, so the man and I are now annual members....

Youngest has gone off to see the fall colours overnight....I imagine they will see them in the light tomorrow though....and we're hanging around by the fire cooking and computering.

Still more holidays to come!  I'm happy.




thecatalanway said...

That all sounds lovely! GLad you are having a great holiday after all your travels. How to have the best of both! Must try for the Miro when I get back - perhaps dogs in the back of the van or something. I cna't imagine leaving them for months but I expect it will all work out. Autumn colours - where? Pyranees? I was going somewhere last year but we got distracted - and this year is out so it will be next. It's only Wednesday - enjoy the rest of the week K x

J.G. said...

Sounds like staycation extraordinaire. Enjoy!