Thursday, December 29, 2011


Today was another Bilbao day, and we went into the Guggenheim museum to see what there was to see.  The very very very best was a group of sculptures by Richard Serra, some of you may have seen one of his works in Terminal 3 at the Toronto airport....big steel job you can walk through.

Here's some videos of the work at the Guggenheim:  one and two....very long with an interview with Serra.  That second one is half an hour and includes some great footage of the installation process, which must have been astonishing.  The second half of the video shows the feel of the work a little more, with Serra's explanations.  By the way, his father was a Catalan who moved to the US....

Though, even if you watch through all of the video, it will give you no idea of the impact of them, of running through them, getting tipped by them, echoing in them....amplified by them.  It is dizzying and amazing and would be incredibly to do with a pair of beat boxers.....

As Youngest said, probably the best exhibit she's ever been to.  She also said that they feel bigger from inside than from outside, which is pretty cool too.


Truly, if you ever get the chance to go....go.  No, make a chance to go.


Outside of the Guggenheim there was this puppy dog:

And in the window of a restaurant, we saw this.... I have NO idea what they mean, but they're pretty fun to read aloud

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