Saturday, December 10, 2011

I think I have to double post

But you know what, I'm not going to.

We got our tree up today, I have to admit that reforming the branches into tree shape was not a part of my childhood Christmas tradition, but tobogganing a tree out of the woods (at an Xmas tree farm) is not really an option here, as there is still lettuce growing in our garden.

The tree is WILDLY overdecorated, we made decorations here, we had decorations in Canada and on the boat, which have all been amalgamated on a rather moderate sized tree....looks .... exuberant.

Kids are happy.  Lovely day.  Lovely lovely day.  Slept in, drew, taught, hung out, walked the dog with a friend and her dogs, cooked, ate sat by the fire reading stories, decorated the tree and sang carols.  One of my students even sang Oh Come All Ye Faithful in Latin!  LOVELY!!!!  he has a wonderful deep baritone voice.

PLUS the good guys just beat Madrid in MADRID!!! JEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEJEEEEEE!!!!!!!!  The fireworks and horns in town are impressive.


Seems poor kids in Toronto aren't going to be.  Thanks Mr Ford, thanks Toronto.   What were you thinking voting this man in?   This is REALLY what we needed?  Comments about the man's size are being resisted here.  Almost.

God it makes me so angry.


The Bodhi Chicklet said...

Is there any way you can get the Man to stop rolling in stinking stuff? Congrats on the win agains MADRID!!! Kate was quite excited about that too. Is it strange to have Christmas without snow or are you used to it by now? We got our tree up this weekend too and the last few days my energy levels have been climbing, thank heavens, as I really need to put this virus behind me and get on with life. I'm curious to see what happens once you've scraped the rust off!

Nomad said...

Email him.

I did.

Thanks for bringing it up.
I asked for a detailed response.
Doubt I will get it...


J.G. said...

Sounds like a lovely day. Too bad it is so hard to keep reality (politics) from intruding.