Thursday, December 8, 2011


Amidst a kind of poo-y morning...guess who found something stinky to roll in and needed a bath before my first cup of tea (at 11am)?  Yup...he's still wandering around feeling misused and confused.

Then I have some rip-snorting ideas for some paintings I want to work on, and I am just here to inform you that that old saw about use it or lose it?  Don't know about that, but use it or it rusts up hard?  That one is T.R.U.E. True!

I knew this was going to be trickly to start with, but this is seriously irritating.

Going high tech on some help for myself in getting this done.

Tree going up next weekend, which is only a day and a half away!

LOVE a super long mega-multi-span poooooont of a weekend.



Beth said...

Had one of those poo-y times around here at Thanksgiving with one of Ted's dogs. I know it's natural for dogs to do that but, jeez, is it ever disgusting and stinky!

oreneta said...

Dogs will be dogs.....