Monday, May 31, 2010

brain dead.

I taught, face to face, in a classroom for a paltry nine hours today.


I also had three one hour meetings in Catalan.


I had ten minutes for lunch.


The good part?  One of the meetings with the architect, builder and went REALLY smoothly.  No one yelled.  No. One.  

Even when they realised that they would have to reposition one of the beams.

That they'd already put in place.

Thanks guys, you can come again.


Beth said...

They probably yelled after you'd left - which is still a good thing!

Hula Girl at Heart said...

Little steps, little steps. Maybe they're tired of yelling?

Helen said...

love the picture

oreneta said...

Beth, exhaustingly, I ended up yelling today. What a wearying process. It will end at some point anyway.

Hula, maybe. Little witty bitty baby steps.

Helen, thank You! I took it last night off the terrace while hanging out laundry!