Tuesday, November 26, 2013

I have some photos from the weekend, but

I have something else I'm thinking about right now.

For some of the classes I teach, I put up readings that I find from around the internet for them to work on, develops vocabulary and grammar structures and then they have to talk about them in class.

Well, you know what?  They make up the kind of news I'd like to read.  You see I don't read the news very much.  It is one sad story after another of a corrupt stupid ass politician or a crime or a murder.  Some of these do have an impact on my life, but damn it is depressing and it doesn't change. Honestly we'd get on the boat for 11 months, and the news would be the same when we got back.  A couple of deaths....but really, not very different.

This kind of news is important in its way, we do need to police the politicians, we do need to know what is going on in our world and how it will change our lives, but the world is full of amazing and astonishing and awe filling things, and for some reason, they just don't get the same coverage.

So, here I bring you a collection of stories that I find excellent....

Otzi had tattoos!

Toddlers are smarter than 5 year olds

This house is AWESOME  I want to live in it

Seahorse hunting

Babies start wet, get drier!!!!!

Noisy street food in China

Limitless graffitti

Zoran Popovic

Worlds tallest domino tower falls

London book benches

Forgive me, but I think it is important too that art is being made in all sorts of places and has been for millenia, that toddlers are brilliant (never doubted that, glad the science is catching up) that seahorses are huge hunters, that we are bags of water.....that you can buy street food in China that is part art, part music and part performance.

Important, and this knowledge, and the knowledge that people are out there working on these things also changes the world, changes what I think about the world and changes our lives.

So there you have it, a collection of news, from me to you.



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Anonymous said...

Awesome! I don't follow the news so much. Maybe a daily 5 min recap of what happened on French TV (and it's not just news). Other things, I see from my twitter or facebook feeds, mostly. Oh, and TED. But that's a different kind of news there. Although I have to admit, the Rob Ford news (actually, more the Daily talk shows that have been making fun of it and transpired on the net) kinda made me chuckle at the same time they made me facepalm...

Anonymous said...

and THAT is exactly why I love ya!!!

oreneta said...

Ford....making me facepalm more than anything else. Urgh

Nomad....and why I love ya too!!!!!