Sunday, December 4, 2016

Exhibit at Caixa Forum.

Went to Caixa Forum with the man, there is an amazing exhibit of paintings from the Thyssen museum in Madrid. Wow.

This work was outside the museum, to promote recycling.

I love Chagall, and you so rarely see his work.

This was a fascinating piece from 12?? a REALLY long time ago.  I am astonished by the simple flat planes and the meticulous perspective.  Almost Japanese looking isn't it.

Rembrandt.  Love it always and forever.  I felt like I was actually meeting the man. 

Paul Klee, who I normally love, and who it is also hard to see, but this piece?  Looks like a butcher's apron.

I don't remember this painter's name (shame!), but this was an amazing piece too.

Also saw the first ever actual Georgia O'Keefe.  (Though I didn't love it...sorry)


J.G. said...

What a terrific variety of art! Thanks for reminding me it's been too long since I saw any of the old masters.

oreneta said...

It is worth doing, Barcelona helps, the stuff comes to us!

Anonymous said...

didn't find your blogs for ages. Wonderful, especially this exhibition! Seadog

oreneta said...

Glad you found it again!

It was a marvelous exhibit.....luck to see it.

kate said...

The Thyssen has a lot of neat stuff. I recently saw the Impressionists exhibit at Caixa Forum here in Madrid. Some neat stuff there as well (but super crowded!)

oreneta said...

Hi Kate, it is one of the world great museums....