Saturday, April 14, 2018

The days just fly by

You know when you do so much in a day it feels like what you did that morning was about a week ago?  Yeah, that.

So, today, I went to work.  Fine.

Did some crap around the house to get ready to leave, friends came by and moved out all the plants and took the last of the books!  YEAH!!!  And stored our wood stove, and, being great friends, invited us to lunch!

Sold the stove, so no more cooking for us.  A student is going to lend us a camping stove and I'm going to reclaim my kettle from work, but food is going to be a bit cold for the next two weeks.

Went to lunch and that was fabulous.  My oh my.  While we were there, we sold 2 wooden armchairs.  That was good.  Really, youngest sold it as she was hanging out here with her new puppy Spit. 

Then took Chuck for a long walk, that was lovely....

We wandered pretty slowly, well I did, he was kinda racing around me.  He HATES puppies, and Spit gets up. in. his. face.  Literally.  So he was pretty happy to hit the hills.

We saw lovely wisteria. Smells gorgeous

And this magnificent enormous (for here) tree.  I should have got someone to stand there so you get some perspective.  It's BIG.

Now sitting by the last fire unless we get more wood.  Kinda sad now I think of that.


Anonymous said...

What good friends!! I think I know who they are. Love the pictures, especially youngest's tummy with puppy.
I'm not surprised you have mixed feeling about the move. Boat? xo Seadog

Anonymous said...

It's 0 and snowing freezing rain. S

oreneta said...


It was a lovely day. (It's my tummy...I was puppy-sitting on Wednesday!)

Boat, kinda sorta....we've decided to make a partial payment on it, and if repairs to the hull or engine need to be made, that will be reduced from the final price. So, yeah, we kinda have a boat. The stupid RBC is making the transfers a joy though. Not loving that bank these days.

oreneta said...

I's nicer here, supposed to get up to 19

J.G. said...

Is it weird to see your stuff going out the door? Or are you ready to be free from it all?

I've let furniture and art go at various times and sometimes I regret it -- although it was quite necessary and/or exhilarating at the time.

oreneta said...

Yes, it is a little weird seeing the stuff going out the door, some of it is going into storage though. None of the stuff is a family heirloom or anything though, it's mostly ikea, do you know what I mean? No art is going though, all that is being stored.

I think I would be more exhilarated if there were more time to think about it. We're at the good bye stage which is always hard and the glimpses of moving into the next stage, while they feel frighteningly close, also feel remote.

The furniture itself though...mostly I'm glad to see it go, as every piece represents a problem we have to solve.

elPadawan said...

That puppy is so cute :3.

oreneta said...

He is adorable and very trainable too. hola smart little guy.