Monday, November 25, 2019

My favourite colour

I thought for years that my favourite colour was yellow!  I think it's lovely, bright, cheery, sunshine-y (if you'll allow me that half word).  Then my kids made me realise that I was wrong.  We were in a gallery, and I rounded the corner into a new room and exclaimed spontaneously, "Oh, isn't that painting lovely!!!!"  One of them turned to me and said, with a slightly weary tone, "Of course you love it mom, it's blue." 


Well that was a shocker.  Really? Do I do that?  Then again, I adored being on the boat in the Bahamas and let me tell you, there, between the sea and the sky, let's hope you like blue!!

So I started looking out for myself doing that, and yep, they're right.  If I complement someone on a shirt or a sweater, it's usually a lovely shade of bright blue.  Strangely, I wear very little blue myself.  Wonder what that's all about.

Anyway, this is all to say that I did it again today, rounded a corner in the Rijksmuseum which I was visiting with my delightful sister-in-law and gasped aloud, "Now that is lovely!"   Allow me to show you.

I apologize for the blurry photo, and more so to the artist whose name I didn't write down, but it was very large, very bright and very very blue!  


ps.  We also saw an exhibit called Velazquez and Rembrandt.  Rembrandt...oh my, I adore every single thing he's ever painting or etched or drawn.  There is a sense of kindness to his work, a reverence for the people and animals and a feeling of caring.  Velazquez still leaves me a little cold.  

Rembrandt's son Titus

Vermeer, famous for his paintings of young women in window sills, actually paints the most astonishing landscapes, we saw one in The Hague, and there was another today.  They are truly amazing.

Sadly slightly cropped by the phone format.

And then there was this.  Now, still life paintings, meh.  But this?

Honest to goodness, it just glows.

All the above much more amazing in real life, but still!!!


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