Friday, January 3, 2020

Visitors and what we do all day

Went into Amsterdam yesterday to meet up with some friends from Catalunya, he's Dutch, but has lived in Catalunya for decades, and prefers it there.  She lived her for five years with him, so speaks quite good Dutch as well.   He wasn't from anywhere near Amsterdam either, so I ended up being tour guide for them, which was very odd for me, but also shows that we've been here a while as I can find my way around the city without much of a problem, at least the more or less central parts of it. 

It was fabulous to see them, we've been luck this year with more people coming to visit.  One of the things we talked about was that if you're the one who buggers off into the blue, you are also the one who has to make the effort to maintain friendships, part of why we go back to Catalunya (also it's Catalunya, and as an added bonus, it's warmer and doesn't rain so much) and Canada. It's important to put that work in, it is also fabulous when they come and visit though!!!  They also asked what we do all day, and honestly, the same stuff everyone does, except we don't go into work.  Like many people who work at home, I spend part of my time working online, we take the dog for long walks, we buy groceries, get some exercise, read.  I still can't get everything done in a day that I'd like to.  I've got to take the dog for a vaccine tomorrow, normal stuff. 

Today I walked the dog for a shorter walk as she still seems to be recovering from whatever she got in Glasgow and her sleepless night on the ferry with the endlessly barking dog, so long walks are off for a bit.  I had an unfun errand to run in town, I bought some mushrooms and buns for the man's first birthday celebration, I'd found a perfect book for him, entirely by accident, while we were in Glasgow, and as we're heading off with only knapsacks on our backs again, it didn't make a lot of sense to carry it off with us, only to have him carry it back again, so, TA-DAAAA, and excuse for a birthday dinner!!!

Greek yogurt with sugar and Ikea ginger cookies for dessert.  mmmmmmmm.

Then I did some yoga, some more work, dealt with more life irritants online, made dinner, read a bit, walked the dog, rescued a tennis ball she found after she dropped it in the lake - she was very careful thereafter when she put it down - and played a short game of fetch with her.  Finished my book, which was great!  My sister in law had told us about a series of crime novels that were set in Medieval Girona with Catalan characters, the principal character being a Jewish physician, and Eldest found a used copy and got it for me for Xmas, it was really good!  An auspicious start to 2020 reading!!!

Now a quick right up and to bed.  Zzzzzzzzz

A day, pretty normal.  Tomorrow will likely be similar, but different. 

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