Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Change, and a loss

 Well, just found out that a job I've had for a long long time isn't going to be happening next year, and we don't know about the year after that.  Life is odd right now.  We know precisely what we'll be doing for the next three months or so, exactly what we're doing now as we hunker down and wait COVID out, but then things are SO wide open.  So so so.

Can't lie and say I'm happy about it, I really love that job.  And there is the financial angle to it too, fortunately I usually have quite a few gigs on the go, so no massive disaster, still.  Not nice.  Lets see how all this plays out.  I'm still employed till the end of June anyway.

Ho freaking hum.


elPadawan said...

That sucks, so sorry to hear about the job loss... Still half a year until June, though, hopefully you will find something to make up for it by then...

oreneta said...

Thank you. I've got a couple of things humming along so far, we'll see what happens.