Thursday, February 18, 2021

Creative Writing

 Because of this ass of a virus, among many other things, we haven't been able to go to Catalunya this year, and my Catalan is struggling, especially as I am studying French for a couple of hours a day.  So, when the library from our town sent out a message saying that their book club has gone on line and they now have a short six week creative writing course again, free and online, I signed up as fast as I could.  Listening, speaking, reading and writing. All good. 

It has been much better than I had hoped. I didn't think I had much interest in creative writing at all, but it's actually pretty interesting, and fun to do!  Something to consider as I go forward.  Not gonna write a book or anything, I think you need a pretty hot fire lit underneath you to embark on that, but writing some things up.

On another note, nothing like a rainy day and a deadline for tasks you hate doing to really make you burn through every little thing on your to do list!

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