Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Knee + road + bike = PAIN !!

It is amazing how much and how deeply you can scrape and cut up a knee in just a moment.

Youngest took a wipe out on her bike, but good.


Can't seem to find much in the way of bandages here. I'll have to go shopping again.


Hula Girl at Heart said...

Ouch! I hope she grows out of the bike wrecks. I didn't.

elPadawan said...

get well soon. And careful with the ERs in Toronto... been there, done that.

oreneta said...

Hula, she may, I mostly did, except when I am riding on ice....though I think she'll be nervous the first time back on. Knee pads will be called for I think.

elPadawan, yeah, not a whole lot of fun, she's more gory than fractured....also we have a family doctor here, so the ER is not our first approach.

Anonymous said...

Ouch. I did a bad spill once. I feel for her.