Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Listening to CBC this morning

Have you ever noticed that most of the news is a lot more like voyerism than anything else?


Camp seems to have gone exceedingly well again, the girls are very tired though so I am having to scale back on the after work activities for the time being. Eldest is sunburnt AGAIN, I swear I am going to have to get that child a full body cover all...including her face.

Good golly.

Struggling with the stupid phone which claims to be an Mp3, but I cannot get any of the tunes from iTunes to download onto the thing, indeed I cannot get iTunes to recognize it as a device, and yes, I plugged in the cord. This seems to be the summer of my computer discontent.



Anonymous said...

I heard Apple was having issues with the release of the new iphone. itunes was said to be very very slow... Could this be it- or some other reason? You can also search the apple site to problem solve.

Glad that camp went well!

elPadawan said...

I blame iTunes. Apple is Evil. Though I'm glad camp is going well :)

Xavier Macia said...

Carla, if they are having problems with the iPhone, my little Nokia with and Mp3 is never going to go anywhere...

elPadawan, I LOVE that, so nice to hear after all the Mac groupies....such a cult.

Helen said...

Apple are not evil! You mean Microsoft! Anyway there are 3 different formats of MP3 - Apple, Microsoft and Sony, which are, of course, incompatible! (like the betamax/VHS war which you are too young to remember probably), so the fault is probably an incompatibility of systems and nothing that you are doing wrong. When they have finished fighting it out amongst themselves the winner of the global download battle will leave the field victorious and everyone with the non compatible things will be left with gadgets that don't work. Such is the advance of technology. it would be so much more sensible if they got together to work it out but - hey, competition in capitalism is a good thing isn't it?

Beth said...

Sorry to hear about your computer/phone woes but your (new?) word - "Grrm" - has me smiling.

oreneta said...

Helen, I just get so very tired of the groupies, it's a computer for crying out loud....and I do remember the VHS Beta thing, and stupidly, beta was apparently the better system You'd think they'd learn.

Beth, Grmmm to you too! I seem to be doomed to a summer of computer angst...ah well.