Thursday, October 30, 2008

art and politics and illegal behaviour

Youngest and I went to the Modern Art Museum here in Hannover...does that have two n's or one? Not sure.


Youngest is kind of mixed about modern is pretty broad overall. It has the advantage that much of it is installation art and interactive and more....playful that way. There is room for the audience that the 'masters' don't allow.

At the same time some of it is FREAKY

Freak you right out freaky...we saw work by Otto Dix, back and white ghastly grave site drawings done right after WWI...Youngest had a look in honour of Halloween after being warned they might be too much...she did a quick walk through.

There was an exhibit on about clothing and fashion..and dressing, I didn't honestly assess it all that much and it didn't seem tightly the end of it, there was a series of photos of models with brand names carved into their skin...scarred over. I am assuming photoshop work here, and the meaning seemed a wee bit obvious to me...not exactly startlingly original...and opposite was a series of fun house mirrors...come to think of it the juxtaposition was almost certainly deliberate, but with youngest there we were too busy turning ourselves into inukshuks, and elastigirls and multi-armed Hindu goddesses...we had more of a dance experience with it...and a giggle experience with it.....and the memory of the carved models behind us were not visible in the least not clearly...possibly intentionally.

Intentional or poor exhibition; I forgot to check if they were the same artist. I assumed not, but if they were it is somewhat more interesting than it otherwise would have been.

There was also a series of works by an America artist..forgive me I forgot his name as well...all the info was in German so I didn't really read it, working with light. Youngest and I went into a booth with a series of dials that changed the colour of the light in the room and was capable of quite fine differences...I took a series of (illicit) photos of youngest in different colour lights as I have an idea for something I could do with them. Would that be like sampling in music or copyright violation..hard to say....

Niki de Saint Phille is amazing, we still haven't seen the Nana's, which are so famous, and may not, we'll see...but they had an exhibit of her work was gorgeous from the distance, playful and colourful, but really very disturbing once you got up close. She seems to have gotten rather more sinister in her work...again I have an illicit photo...the Catalans are generally quite relaxed about photos in galleries (not the Picasso museum though), so I have developed bad habits...I may or may not use them.

This leads me to an interesting thought I read about and have been ruminating upon. There is a growing grey area with copy right issues...I am part of a generation that began to violate copyright rules...photocopying books for classes specifically...then came the kids sampling music, and there are songs out there that are OBVIOUS rips...then came the iPod and others and the quantity of illegal downloading is amazing, and then there are the movies you can rip etc etc etc etc...and I am part of this to some extent...I am taking - a few - photos in galleries of work...and don't see why I shouldn't honestly...if I use them as memory jogs, and may I add that the galleries are AWFUL at providing the images in an affordable want to shell out seventy Euros for the book of a special exhibit. m'kay...postcards, only of the big ticket items, and regular material, not an image to be seen...

So what do we do? Go on line and get what someone else ripped.

Or take a picture.

I am part of a generation, growing up with the internet that believes that access to information, and image and music should be shared, not owned....sold only to the higher bidder. That information is for all of us, for our education and improvement. I keep finding myself having this argument over and over and over again. Sometimes with people of my own generation...can we as humanity ever get ahead if we keep on hogging the ball...environmentally, financially, socially and intellectually? I don't think so and I think this is what got us where we are.

Then there is the marketers argument, (the uber-capitalist, no?) if I post a photo of her recent work, and mention her name on this blog, that is probably copyright infringement, but it is also free advertising?

Where is the line on that, and what is illegal with all of this...?

I suspect the answer to this question will divide down on generational lines.

My boss in Spain thinks I'm an anarchist. Maybe.

I think there needs to be a radical redefinition around the rights of the individual in comparison to the rights of the whole..and that is a global whole. I move against current "globalisation"here don't I. I do want to move towards moral globalisation, don't you think that would be a good idea?

On that note, you may want to check out this video...though it talks to Americans, it speaks beyond that....

Really. It makes me ashamed.

and may I add that I HATE firefox spell checker? Can I get some suggestions here please, not just that obnoxious teachery RED UNDERLINE pointing out my errors in your purely American spelling? GRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Good old google; type the word in, you get related sites and a spell check.


Anonymous said...

Next time you go to Paris go to the Pompidou Centre to see Niki de Saint Phalle's Stravisky Fountain (outdoors on one side of the building) if you don't get a chance to see her Nanas in Hannover.
Did you see the book she wrote for her son "Aids: You can't catch it holding hands".
She deals with it incredibly well in her own unique way. GM

hulagirlatheart said...

"...can we as humanity ever get ahead if we keep on hogging the ball...environmentally, financially, socially and intellectually? I don't think so and I think this is what got us where we are."----Very well put, my friend.

Beth said...

that IS freaky freaky...but kind of appropriate, considering today is Halloween!

Anonymous said...

All depends on the country. In France, it is forbidden to try to forbid quoting, parody, and satyre of intellectual works.

In otherwords, showing a picture, with the credits, is legal. In France. However, depending on the place, taking the picture in the first place may have been forbidden, for whatever reason.

Anonymous said...

hmmm... seen the video. I liked the way that girl said "once unified, we can *CONTROL* (America's political landscape)"... :D

oreneta said...

GM, made it as you can see...though I will have to see the fountain at the pompideau...I will note that book as well, I haven't read it and it sounds worth it.

Hula, thank you very much.

Beth, kinda suited...

LP, but if I publish to the net in Germany as a Canadian and UK citizen residing in Spain, with residential ties to Canada, and it is viewed in France, or Turkey (if they can see it right now) or China (ditto) what are the rules????

oh, and I sSOOOO loved that phrase...they could completely OWN the US if they get out and decide what to do...lets hope they get out and vote or OBAMA will have a much tougher time winning...which is a lot of what this is all about. A huge protion of his supporters are young and DOn't vote, unlike the religious right who ALL vote *whew...deleted that diatribe...

anyway...I hope they take ownership. The boomers are doing a sh*tty job. And as an Gen-X we ain't such hot sh*t either...are you a GEN We? 29 and under? Must be tight....

Anonymous said...

I do belong to the age range of the targeted audience of that video.

However, when they say "we can shape the world", it is not specific to said age range. I mean, that's the very principle of democracy. Move your a**, go to the polls, vote, and have the voice you choose speak for you. Doesn't apply only to these Millenials, or the Baby Boomers, or whatever other generation one can think of. I could, like, totally remove the age limit in the "if we unite we can control *the world*". As long as people are old enough to vote, they can make a difference...