Sunday, October 26, 2008


I like packing.

Brings things down to a nice minimalistic vision of what we need.

I always bring a lot of books.

I think I might even remember my toothbrush this time!


Jason said...

You like packing? How about unpacking? I hate them both!

dawn said...

Packing means a change of place; that is exciting even if just a journey. I caught up reading the posts I missed. I would love to pick mushrooms around here, but I am not confident enough to choose them based on a book; I need someone who knows to take me and show me the good ones. Glad your daughter is doing well in Bball. My son at 15 isn't too tall, but he has a great vertical. Keep plugging away at the Catalan. I admire your efforts. We were at the Japanese school today and I just see the struggle it takes in learning a new language. I learnt one word of Japanese this week and that was enough to make me have a headache trying to remember it each time. Not an important word, just the word for hexagon (I did a tour for them and I showed them the honeycomb and I asked-it is rokkakkei).

Anonymous said...

Recognizing eadable mushrooms is a problem if you start late in life.
From late summer to the first ground frosts you spend your free time with your nose to the ground in your own SECRET FOREST AREA.
(Since 60% of the country is forest, it's not difficult to believe your patch is unique and no one else knows of it.
What a problem if you meet a stranger while out mushrooming.
That means he's stumbled onto your hunting grounds, almost as bad as a poacher!!!)
Kids start learning from the time they start walking.
Adults' enthusiasm and excitement at a good find is contageous.
One never quite recovers from the first confrontation with a bolete patch.
The praise one gets goes down like honey and makes you a member of the mushroom pickers clan.
The trophies get fried in butter with sauteed onions, garlic.
Cream and finely chopped dill get added at the end.
With boiled new potatoes you have a feast fit for kings.GM

oreneta said...

Jason, unpacking, not so much...

Dawn, any journey is fun, even if it isn into a foreign language, no?

GM, you are making me SOOOOO hungry!!!!!!!!!!

hulagirlatheart said...

I can't say that I enjoy packing, but I do get a perverse pleasure in seeing how little I can get by with. It drives my family crazy.