Thursday, October 23, 2008

Running and barking (and carrying and climbing and and and

Had one wild 10 or 15 minutes know when everything happens simultaneously?

Got up to pick up Youngest from school...I was just out the door when the grocery delivery guy shows up - early. Not complaining, but.....

I turn around, take Chuck BACK upstairs and lock him in. He is not best pleased. That anti-barking campaign goes right out the window. He started to go for a walk, then got taken back and locked up and then I am go downstairs with a strange guy who is going in and out of the building THE HORROR!


I start carrying the stuff up the multiple flights of stairs, and let me tell you when you shop for three weeks, it's a few trips...I have still left Chuck inside because he will get into the groceries otherwise...or might.

Good thing I had arranged with the man to pick up youngest at school if he didn't see me there.

On about the third trip up, with groceries piled at the top of the stairs, the bottom of the stairs and in between....the phone rings.

Now let me tell you, our phone almost never I unlock the door, drop the groceries INSIDE...and run to the phone, setting off another volley of barking, again undisciplined. It is Eldest, sick at school.

Ho hum

First of all we have to figure out what to do about I have to go there, do I need to speak to a teacher, how sick is she..yaddah yaddah yaddah...

We decide she can walk home. I go out the door, part way down the stairs, it rings again...I have to go get her.

Incensed dog is locked BACK in the house again...(woof woof woof) and I run down to Youngest's school. Can I just say here that life was easier when they went to the same school.

I found the man there, explained why there are groceries EVERYWHERE, and ran to the school. May I add that it was raining. We are not well equipped for rain...I have an umbrella and all, but my oh isn't the norm.


That all took, about 10 min,

Eldest is fine...I suspect she felt crappy because she left without breakfast....the Man and Youngest brought the groceries in (except the bags outside the neighbour's door, they were probably unsure if they were ours) and everyone ate at some point.

Sometimes the day just up and seizes you, no?


Anonymous said...

looks like you really need to sit back and relax... enjoy the weekend :)

oreneta said...

Elpadawan....naaaa, not so good at that....

Diane Mandy said...

Chuck is your dog, I take? Can you tell me hoe pet friendly Barcelona is? Here in Germany I can bring mine to restaurants and most stores. Is it like that there?